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“Women also expected to become equal citizens in the new state, hoping that they would get an equal legal, political, and economic status with men.” Interwar Period At the end of the war it soon became clear that the women’s part in the war or resistance efforts would not be rewarded.

“Almost all the laws regulating the status of women remained the same, and economic conditions, slow economic development, unresolved national relations and social problems, all contrived to make women the most disenfranchised citizens in the country.” Women suffered the most from severe economic conditions.

Though the cases of these women demonstrate that it was possible for women to reach high positions within the Communist Party, it was by no means commonplace.

Women became significant members of the National Liberation Movement and participated in all aspects of the anti-fascist resistance.

Women occupied positions as fighters, in the rear, and as leaders.

They worked for much less pay than their male counterparts, within factories and domestic service alike.

For instance, “in the clothing industry and commercial services, women could expect to make a maximum of 50% of men’s wages.” While only a small number of women actually worked within industry, their conditions were so harsh that they were some of the most active in strikes.

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Women thus assumed a substantial role within national economies during the war.

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