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Diamond – Everything has an intrinsic value to you and you enjoy buying and selling and acquiring. You are very logical and smart and have particularly good karma in certain material areas. You are fun loving and perhaps a little tricky at times. Queen – As co-ruler of the throne you have a lot of power, authority and responsibility.

Spade – You are very work oriented, have a strong will and relate well to older more mature people. You get many more good ideas than you can complete. Three – You are creative and self-expressive though you also do your share of worrying. Four – You appreciate the value of stability and security, home, family and other grounded things. However you are also very nurturing and you rule in a loving manner.

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I have used it consistently now for over ten years and it has never been off. This system is very much like astrology but with the added benefit that it doesn’t require a time of day or place.

Just the month, day and year and it has a lot to tell us. For example, the year of 365 days is divided into seven periods, each 52 days long, and named for one of the planets.

Every person studying astrology should take a look at this system because it offers a unique perspective that ties in with all they have learned. You can tap into universal consciousness and are here to complete things.

If you are a(n) Heart – Relationships are your key to happiness and success. You are a person of peace and your life seems to go on for long periods without change. Seven – You have magic at your fingertips but you must release material attachments to realize it. Eight – You have power and are learning all about it. Ten – You are a person of accomplishment and passion combined.

See all your cards and relationships at a glance, do readings and reports for others. For more information, go here: Robert taught a year-long astrology training course that was recorded in sessions and is now being offered online for everyone.Its cards, suits and numbers represent the cycles that govern our lives.And by knowing the inner workings of this deck, as taught by the ancient priests of the Magi, one can reveal anyone’s unique destiny, along with a whole lot more.And finally, how many would guess that this common deck of cards actually holds a record of our entire life, much like the fabled ‘Book of Destiny’ spoken of in many cultures?Let me just give you an inkling of what is involved here.

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King – You have the power of all the other cards in your suit combined with great experience to encourage acts of wisdom.

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