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I think it's a good call as the aforementioned book (A VERITABLE MASTERPIECE! Plus it is heartening to know that, unlike many other celebs who trend hop diets and exercise regimens, that the same tenets have worked for RW for so long and obviously so well. Welch has many and did what Ari Levy failed to do in "Female Chauvinist Pigs" , which was expose the stupidity of raunchy culture. Two kids by 21, going after her career as a single mother, never being financially supported by a man AND never acting vulgar or trashy to get press.I'm a huge fan of Rocky Welch and have followed her career since I found a copy of Total Beauty and Fitness at Treehorn Books in Santa Rosa, when I was teen. I wish feminism had made less room for the "lipstick is oppression" credo and later the sleazy corporate vulgarity of Madonna and instead made more room for the multi-dimensional class acts like Raquel.There's neat segments interspersed about Raquel's life, her regrets, mistakes, hardships and blessings. Throughout the book there is a theme of teaching girls about dignity and self-respect. She said that she watched as slowly the studios became more accommodating to women. There was also a lot of pressure for Raquel to show nudity in some of her films, but she stood her ground and never took off her clothes in any of her films.She talks about the changes she has seen--from the sexual revolution in the 60's to young girls giving oral sex because they don't consider it sex now. When the kids move out of the house, have something you want to do with your life ready to go. Probably the bikini she wrote in the 1966 film “One Million Years B. Raquel says that she still has that bikini in her collection along with most other costumes she wore in several of her movies.

After reading this book, it is apparent that today, in her early 70s, she is not only a savvy entrepreneur and businesswoman (best selling wig line, among other things) but also a wise, witty, and modest women who has come a long way from her early sex symbol days in Hollywood. I will be thinking about this book for a long time. Was, and am still quite blown away by how much hard work goes into maintaining a Hollywood appearance even if one is born with good looks.She said that one time when her son was a young boy, he asked her why she could not just be a “normal” mom. After her father died suddenly in his sixties, years later she helped her mother hook up with her high school sweetheart and they married. She says that she wrote the book herself without a ghostwriter and she says that she gained weight sitting at the computer. She writes as if she’s sitting down to lunch with her readers, which makes me wish I could actually sit down and have lunch with Ms. Though not an auto-biography this delightfully intimate book does cover various parts of her life in-depth, her thoughts on motherhood, ageing, friendship, younger men, fitness, makeup, skincare, cosmetic surgery, dating, menopause and HONEST observations about how trashy the Paris Hilton/Madonna/pole dancing effect has negatively impacted women.She writes about the relationship she had with her own parents. She also writes about her relationship with her siblings, in particular her sister Gayle. Regarding some of the reviewers who express disappointment that some of her material is reprinted from "Raquel Welch: Total Beauty and Fitness" DO note that other authors also do this and that she DOES flesh out the material in greater detail here. Passing the Torchwith a neat Afterword, The Spiritual Woman Another favorite for This Reader. Far more than just a movie star's autobiography, this non-fiction book is a road map of how-to-live-your-life with a positive attitude and good health.She writes very fondly about her daughter Tahnee and mentions that the public knows her from her role in the movie “Cocoon.” She also mentions how her daughter does not listen to her, but still she feels like a mother in writing this book and talking woman-to-woman to her readers.

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