Wsus cluster aware updating

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There’s not a lot of information or information-sharing available on these advanced CAU options.

By default it will only allow items from Windows Update.

This screen shows the plugins as a selection box when it should be a list view with multiple selectable items.

The error is not listed in the documentation, but the method to avoid it is part of the Add-Cau Cluster Role page.

What’s going on is that if it finds multiple entries for Cau Plugin Name, it looks for values for each of the key-value pairs in Cau Plugin Arguments.

In Windows Server 2012 Microsoft introduced Cluster-Aware Updating or short CAU.

During an Updating Run, CAU transparently performs the following tasks: Microsoft Tech Net: Cluster-Aware Updating overview CAU does not only move Virtual Machines, like SCVMM, it does also know about other Cluster Roles like Hyper-V Replica Broker or File shares.Once you get that open, click Configure cluster self-updating options. Most of them are pretty easy to understand and the link at the top of the dialog box does an OK job of explaining them. Now you’ll see that Cau Plugin Name has been changed to “Multiple plug-ins”. This dialog does not allow you to modify the name of the XML file that contains the list of hotfixes (Default Hotfix Config.xml). Copy the Default Hotfix file to the share you specified. These are the only two that are available by default, but it’s entirely possible for a third-party application developer to add their own plugins.So, the above script applies all of those settings to the Microsoft.Windows Update Plugin plugin and none to Microsoft. Since none of those options are applicable to the standard WU plugin, Windows Updates will work normally.

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