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High school and all the friendships I made during those years..'02/22/2016Gaye (Steele) Walter - GIHS class of 1977, now resides in Plano, TX.02/08/2016Kathleen (Brown) Mc Nally - Grand Island resident: 59 - 80, GIHS class of 1976, now resides in Williamsville, NY. Hung out with Bauman, Lynch, Mancuso, Alexander, Gazda,....'09/24/2015GEORGE ZAMMIT - Grand Island resident since 2014, is a member of WEST RIVER HOMEOWNERS. 08/29/2015patricia (van dyke) smith - Grand Island resident since 1956, Sidway class of 1961.It was hard leaving friends in Montana along with some of Gods best work in the scenery of that state.I miss Grand Island ( though I don't miss the winters) and all my friends that still reside there.

08/13/2016Gini Denbeste - Grand Island resident: 1966 - 1982, GIHS class of 1982, now resides in Las Vegas, NV. Beaver Island, the Falls, Family, our home, I want to see it all again!

02/02/2016Kristin (Dussault) Mc Ginnis - Grand Island resident: 1973 - 1991, GIHS class of 1991. Sandy Beach, Teen Village, Harry Vincent pool hall where we saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Comments: 'enjoy reading about 14072.'07/23/2015Linda (Johnson) Knaus - Grand Island resident: 1967 - 1985, GIHS class of 1979, now resides in Clarence, NY.

Comments: 'Does anyone know of any plans for a 25th yr. If so, please let me know..'12/30/2015John Piershalski - Current Grand Island resident. Always wanted to live here and got lucky enough to meet my wife Gayle and here I am. 07/15/2015 - No Information Provided06/06/2015Jayne (Kasten) Steele-Pantschenko - Grand Island resident: 1976 - 1989, GIHS class of 1989, now resides in 06231, CT.

03/16/2015Derek Arnold - Grand Island resident: 1981 - 1993, GIHS class of 1986, now resides in Wymore, NE.

03/14/2015Lila Munson - Grand Island resident: 1955 - 1966, GIHS class of 1966, now resides in Dallas, TX.

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.'08/07/2016Michael Lawson - Grand Island resident: 1952 - 1971, GIHS class of 1970, now resides in San Diego, CA. However summer time thinking about the river and boating always bring back great memories.

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