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Say What News sat down with Terrell to get to know that man behind the voice: Say What News: Good morning Terrell. At what age did you discover you had the gift of song?Terrell: I discovered that I had the gift of song around age 5.Singer Terrell Carter's voice is so full of range, power and soul that it weakens your knees.The way he delivers a song is a total masterpiece -- His voice is the paint brush and the song is the canvas. Terrell: I am a singer/songwriter/actor Originally from Buffalo, NY I have had the pleasure to work with some of the most talented, famous and amazing producers, singers, actors etc…Say What News: Your voice is amazing, so soulful and rich.Gossip site Media Take has more than 450 comments, while gossip blogger Sandra Rose, who originally reported that Carter was gay earlier this year, wrote that “99% of the actors in Tyler’s movies are gay.” In this day and age, you wish more actors would be out and proud – especially when you see that the careers of Neil Patrick Harris, T. Knight, Ian Mc Kellen, Chad Allen, John Barrowman, Peter Paige and Robert Gant are thriving. Still, the decision to come out or not should always be left up to the person. Steve Grand thrilled to be back at pneumonia weight Laverne Cox’s ‘Doubt’ character will have romance: ‘I thought, “Okay, this is something I’ve never seen on TV”‘ Ricky Martin admits he once ‘did pee-pee’ while performing on stage ‘Things happen.

Terrell: I went from Buffalo to Detroit by reaching out to the Wynan’s manager and setting up a meeting. We did a remake of Commissioned’s “The Ordinary just won’t do”.

Needless to say I was in the group after I finished the song.

That was the beginning of four years of recording and touring with Fred Hammond and Radical for Christ.

#New Music: @Lydia Caesar Releases "Walkin Away" Nino Khayyam Releases "Valentine Day Massacre" EP SILENT & THE KEMPIRE UNCENSORED 'Lip Sync For Your Life' #Pod Cast EP 10 SILENT & THE KEMPIRE UNCENSORED #PODCAST EP.9 SILENT & THE KEMPIRE UNCENSORED: "THE YEAR OF THE OPPORTUNIST" EP 8 #PODCAST July 8th, 2009 Actor Terrell Carter who is known for his roles in Tyler Perry plays has been outed by his ex-boyfriend Alex Cortez via some lovey-dovey photos he released himself. For those of you who are not familiar with him, check out this clip of him singing in a play (Madea’s Class Reunion) and boy is he SANGING!

Rumors have been swirling around for a while about Carters sexuality but none of it was ever confirmed. His ex-boyfriend is even implying that Carter maybe HIV positive.

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