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As long as the conversation is about m, he is happy! Dueling with Pencils: Each character's high level of self-confidence draws him to one another, and the most engaging scene of the play takes place when Picasso and Einstein challenge each other to an artistic duel.

She chastises him thoroughly for his misogynist ways, but it seems that Picasso is happy to listen to the criticism. pic.twitter.com/DJh UYVLYnd— Martin Ward (@Writermartyward) December 29, 2016 co-stars.The actress suffered a heart attack on a transatlantic flight from London to Los Angeles four days beforehand.He isn't above a fart joke, as indicated by his performance in the adolescent-pandering remake of setting the love story in a small Colorado town, circa 1980s. Presumably, this is when snobby historians walk out of the theater in a huff, leaving the rest of us to enjoy the story.The protagonist, a long-nosed firefighter, delivers a remarkable monologue, an extensive list of self-insults about his own nose. (He fluffs his hair, making himself look like Einstein.) Better? Meet Einstein: Einstein stops in for a drink while waiting to meet his date (who will be meeting him at a different bar).

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The speech is hysterical to contemporary audiences, yet it also harkens back to the source material in clever ways. To pass the time, happily listens to the locals converse, occasionally weighing in his perspective.

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