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Jenna continues to paint a picture of distorted reality, which has been hurtful to both myself and my family.

I hold sole custody over our boys, which speaks for itself."He adds, "I am moving on with our life and with our boys, and I pray this is all over soon.

Meet 16-year-old professional skateboarder Chaz Ortiz, who has so many Facebook requests that he “can’t keep up with them.” Skateboarding might keep Ortiz out of trouble but it doesn't stop the rabid fans who turn up when he performs. They scream at you."When VO met up with the Chicago native at Vancouver Skate Plaza this Friday, Ortiz pulled up with a small entourage.

And while he admits that celebrity is "awesome," fame hasn't wrapped its talons around this young skater yet.

They look at it as your education that you’re wasting. I think I have 5000, but I get so many requests that I can’t keep up with them. It was a kick-flip to front side, board side, and kick flip back. When I was 13, I broke my collarbone skating and I broke my elbow too. Though Garcia was based in Oxnard, California, he offered to train Ortiz, who accepted and moved from Colorado to California, where he began training at Oxnard's famous La Colonia Youth Boxing Club.Garcia later became Ortiz's legal guardian, and Ortiz graduated from Pacifica High School.

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So what does this young skating pro think of another teenage sensation, Canada's own Justin Bieber?

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