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Corey Feldman (Teddy Duchamp): When I did it, Rob was impressed a lot by the reality in my delivery. Ted Bessell from ‘That Girl’ came in and Michael Mc Kean, but they never had the right voice. Reiner brought the crew out to the Oregon set early, cleared the furniture from a hotel suite, and had the boys spend two weeks improvising and playing acting games. Sometimes they have great instincts, but they have no craft. He was like the fifth boy in ‘Stand By Me.’ For the first two weeks, we didn’t say a line. He locked us in a room and we just played games and hung out and we became friends.I didn’t have any problem getting to the emotional places. Wheaton: The goal was all about getting us out of our own way, so we could relax. Reiner: After the two weeks, by the time we got to shooting they were a well-oiled machine.As a 44-year old father I can see he was a young person who was in just an incredible amount of pain and didn’t have any way of dealing with it. When River and I were running around the hotel and left to our own devices, Wil was locked away with his parents.O’Connell: One of my fondest childhood memories is July 4th at River Phoenix’s house.A couple years before that, I had been taken to an actor coach, and I remember asking what you do if you can’t cry in a movie, and he said, ‘they’ll just put lemon juice in your eyes or onions.’ It was a terrible answer. I remember saying in one of the callbacks, ‘I’m not comfortable crying in movies.’ And then I walked out of the room and one of the writers, Ray Gideon said, ‘you’ve got to go tell the director you’re joking, because that’s an important part of the character.’ I almost lost the role all because of that terrible acting coach. Jerry O’Connell (Vern Tessio): I was practicing with my mom and dad, and they said, ‘you’re going to have a meeting with the guy from ‘All in the Family.” I thought I was going to meet Carroll O’Connor. He came in and said, ‘hey you’re the guy from Channel 5.’ That’s where they showed ‘All in the Family’ reruns. I remember being 7 years and coming home from school thinking, am I going to get abused today? Most kids don’t have to think about this kind of stuff. I’ll be the guy at the end too.’ Richard Dreyfuss (Older Gordie, Narrator): I don’t really remember it.Evans: The hardest part to cast was Corey Feldman’s. River was so good that we thought at one time about switching him to that part. They’re not thinking they’re going to get hit by their parents because they’re not doing well enough in school, which will prevent them from getting a work permit, which will prevent them from being an actor. There was a guy named David Dukes and he did great, but his voice wasn’t what I wanted. So I tried other actors, friends of mine that came in. It was 30 years ago, if you’d asked me yesterday, did I do the voiceover? I would have said, ‘I don’t think so.’ Although Feldman and Phoenix had appeared in several movies and shows, Wheaton was relatively new to acting and O’Connell had only a few commercials to his credit.We bought a carload of fireworks, because you can legally obtain them in Oregon. Financially it’s a crap shoot.’ Norman said, ‘I like the script. I like the boys.’ And out of his pocket he gave us seven and a half million dollars to make the film.We lit them all night long and we all had a big sleep over. With financial catastrophe averted, Reiner and company set about chronicling the boys’ journey across rural Oregon.

He had a really f—ed up childhood and he suffered a lot.

Financed outside the studio system after the cult success of “This is Spinal Tap,” after nearly every Hollywood player passed on the script, the film was nearly derailed after its funding collapsed right before filming. To mark its 30th anniversary, After convincing a reluctant Stephen King to allow them to adapt his novella, “The Body,” for the screen, writers Bruce A.

Evans and Raynold Gideon brought the project to AVCO Embassy Pictures, a production and distribution company owned by Norman Lear.

For King, who based the story on his own childhood, it was a leap of faith.

The horror writer had bad experiences with Hollywood and was unhappy with adaptations of his books “The Shining” and “Christine.” Bruce A.

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There’s one scene in there, it doesn’t look like anything, because you just watch a movie and you don’t know what’s involved with it.

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