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It’s difficult to describe how jarring it is to see your beaming face used in a context like this, as a cautionary tale. And when I find my picture on a hate site, I know that I need to keep doing those things to survive in the racist patriarchy in which we live.In my particular example, it was used as a warning of what “Amerika” was becoming. In the incredible essay “The Uses of Anger, Audre Lorde wrote “Mainstream communication does not want women… It wants racism to be accepted as an immutable given in the fabric of your existence, like eveningtime or the common cold.My parents knew then what we are continuing to learn today -– the Internet can be a scary place. When somebody asks me why my face is brown, I tell them my racial background because I’m scared they’ll get angry if I tell them how offensive the question is.None of us are naïve to the dark underside of the Internet, but there’s making sure you don’t give out your home address in an AOL chat room, and there’s finding your face on a website that preaches white supremacy. When I’m called a black whore by a drunk catcaller, I duck and walk quickly in case his anger escalates.Why don't you believe that schools should teach children how to be homosexual at an early age like liberals do? Some examples: Why do we never engage in sexual relations with White liberals even though they desperately wish we did and lie about it whenever they can?

What I was not prepared for, was to see my happy smiling face on a white supremacist website.(That's another easy one: Liberals are so incredibly stupid.) Why do we like mocking libtards who post on White Nationalist forums?(Mostly we don't because it feels like making fun of kids with Down Syndrome, but it's hard not to mock someone as evil and comically deranged as the average liberal, and liberals are less intelligent than kids with Down Syndrome.) Just a sampling, here. I have it on good authority that White supremacist women don't cast their reflections in mirrors, survive by drinking the tears of the minorities they so relentlessly oppress, and that the only way to dispatch one is with a stake to the heart while Queen's "One Vision" is playing in the background.Why do we laugh all day at Tiocfaid and other gay liberal failures?Why are we obviously so much smarter than liberals like Tiocfaid?

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Why do we ignore White liberals' empty emotional pandering?

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