Vtp not updating vlans

Is there any way to force the client VLAN database to be updated?

To fix, I reset the passwords on all switches, then made a VLAN change, which was successfully pushed out.

Our VLANs standard across the board at each site and this client switch was a client at the other office it came from.

So when added to this office/switch the previous vlans were already there and interfaces could be added but again nothing newly created populated the client switch. what I was looking for was an answer as to if we were to just remove the password from the client switch would we hose the vlan database and have to recreate and reconfigure interfaces....

It is extremely easy to accidentally blow away your VTP database, so be sure that you set a VTP domain that is not the default so a switch that happens to have a high revision number does not take over and replace your huge VTP tree with one of its own.

You can't manually force updates because VTP configs are pushed based on the highest current VLAN database revision number.

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