Vista updating failed updating office 2016 registration

I found that most of my applications will not correctly install--it even would not attach my network printer which works fine with several other wired and wireless boxes in my system... The hardware and software manufacturers I've contacted are in no apparent hurry to provide Vista drivers for existing products.Tech reps from both the manufacturer of my laptop(starts with a "T") and my large, 'GEEKy' retailer reported that many of their customers are back-installing XP on Vista machines, so that's what I'm doing.Close any and all windows which may come up looking for drivers.As long as the box recognizes your dvd drive, you're good to go.

You may end up calling Microsoft and asking for Kate Dewalt, but I really think this is HP's problem to correct. man this is pissing me off, it does the exact thing at the ! the system reboots then it takes you to the beginning of the download again and doesnt let you choose "upgrade" on custom!!! DELL) xps600 XP Media center Pentium D 2.802gb ram350gb Raid0SB live X-gamer SLI Geforce 7600GT OC (2)Assorted usb drives, dvd burnerstwo internal dvd burners I had the same problem as everyone else, but refused to take Dell's explanation that I needed to buy THEIR version of Vi$ta in order to make the upgrade work.I don't recommend doing this, but basically, if my memory is correct these are the steps she had me take:start, run, enter "regedit" then open "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"then open "SYSTEM"then open "Current Control Set"then open "Control"then open "Class"find the line number ""then open "Upper Filters" (located on right hand side)then add the words "Part Mgr"I am not suggesting that anyone try this. I have just tried it and it has failed at exactly the same point... lets hope they find the fix Thanks WALTI'm going the opposite direction from you...Kate warned me before we tried this that something could go wrong if I made any mistakes or typos. Maybe you guys could call Microsoft and ask for Kate Dewalt. Gets to the point where it says ' Expandin Media' and get to about 21% and then it fails... I will try that one to see if I have a rogue DVDThanks WALT1. Recently needed a new laptop and found that I could ONLY buy them with Vista so I went ahead.I tried to upgrade Everything is OK until it get to the point where it get to the section weher it 'Expands the files'I then get the error 'Could not prepare your computer to boot in to the next stage of installation'I have tried reloading with all softaware diabled and with all hardware removed but still no joy I called MS who spent 3 hours trying to help without any joy. but if you have ever dealt with HP you will realize that their tech support is as good as a chocolate fireguard!! If you Google the problem you find that this is not an isolated issue... Microsoft called me this evening saying that they have drawn a blank and their research team will investigate over the weekend and call me on Monday... I would not suggest trying to correct it yourself but this is where the problem lies:******Missing Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Control\Class\, Upper Filters Data Value= Part Mgr Resolution:***********Changed Registry Key and is now able to do an upgrade install Katherine Dewalt, Microsoft Vista Technician, guided me throughout the complete install. We had that issue with XP that some didn't and no fix came out. There must be a logical reason for the upgrade not working and I think it is for the benefit of all of us that we let this problem come to it natural conclusion with Microsoft having to investigate the issue and come up with a solution.I have also created a new partiion on the main drive and tried loading to that... Previously 2 other Microsoft people had made suggestions which did nothing. The MS development Techie guys have emailed me saying that they will be calling me on Monday evening...

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3.) Choose from within the Windows setup procedure, the option to first delete the partition and delete ALL partitons shown. Do NOT use Quick Format.4.) Remove ALL usb/serial devices connected to the system and install Windows as normal.5.) Let Windows load ONE time after the install.

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