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Yes you can delete the folder where your library is stored, let your media player library empty, then add the folder back which will then re-load the library with the new files.However, if you have "add volume leveling" checked for your music files (preferable) then it takes forever for the library to reload for it checks every song of every album in your library.add these commands in to a batch -- it will kill your library db's and when it opens media player, it will rebuild them all.I had the same problem where adding media into the directorys was not refreshing -- and removing and readding the directory did not help: In windows 8 if you click on the library it will open with the music app.Most portable music players, including the i Pod, also rely on tags.If Media Player makes a mistake, you can fix the tags yourself even though the advanced editor has been eliminated.

I deleted it from the library (made sure it was still on the server) restarted Media Player hoping that it would refresh and find the full album.Instead, the player edits them for you automatically from an online database.That’s all well and good when it gets it right, but there are many times when Windows Media Player 12 lists incorrect tags for your files or simply can’t find the right info.Any help would be great Thanks You should be able to manage your folders under the "organize" tab and make sure your Media Player is set to auto-refresh.For more information about he Media Player set-up go here:

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When this happens, you need to know how to go in and correct the information. It’s a small form that contains the song’s title, artist, album, and other related information.

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