Updating porch column

So they put their DIY skills to work to improve their front porch. Let's see how John and Sherry tackled this project.

They are so awesome for sharing their pictures with us so you can learn how they updated their front porch columns. John used a utility knife to score the seams where the scalloped trim met the porch ceiling He did this to minimize the damages to the many layers of paint.

Since it had to be rebuilt to correct the drainage, a whole new look was created for the porch, which gives the home a fresh new look.

Take a moment to stand on the street and see your house as others see it. A porch update can be as simple as installing new light fixtures, house numbers and a mailbox.John and Sherry of Young House Love are passionate about home improvement and generous with sharing their tips.They took on this porch project to inject more of their own personality (clean, straight lines) into the front of their Richmond VA home.They used strong wood glue and 2" nails at the top and bottom (with a nail gun). Precautionary Note: If your existing wood porch posts are hollow and you plan to box in your front porch columns in a similar way, Dave and I suggest you add means for good ventiliation. Otherwise you risk the chance that they may rot from the inside out. John said that it pays to really caulk the seams well.It might be boring and tiring but it's worth it to seal everything well to prevent moisture from rotting the wood.

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Because the porch is constantly exposed to the same elements as roofing and siding, it will eventually need to have some parts replaced.

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