Updating authority files

In a shared database environment we should consider the impact on other catalogs that may have used the name help to minimize the impact.

Under RDA no equivalent LC-PCC policy statement exists but the principle of not changing a 1XX every time new information is received remains the same.The underlying principle here is that a cataloger is now in a conflict situation and must apply the guidelines in LCRI22.17-22.20 rather than adhere to the instruction in LCRI 22.3A. So I’ve been not blogging for a while–I managed to arrange my job so I could devote myself to some serious software development, and have been reminded of both what I liked AND what I didn’t about how obsessive I can get about coding. There are some points I’ve really wanted to make, but I’ve had a bit of writer’s block on it, because it is so hard to talk clearly on this subject—it’s hard to even think clearly on this subject.After trying to figure out how to say these things clearly, I decided that first we need to establish some basic agreement about the purpose of authority control.I’m sorry that this ends up being so lengthy, but I think it’s necessary to be clear.

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