Tips dating someone 10 years older

Women hit their sexual peaks between their mid-thirties and forties, and when they hit it, they really do hit it.

If you have anything less than an atomically fierce sex drive, then you may want to think twice about the whole thing.

For example, a guy of 18 who is dating a woman in her late twenties is likely to think of her as a cougar, even if that age doesn’t normally associate itself with the term.

How to date a cougar The main thing to remember when dating a cougar is that the age difference means you are going to be treading on unfamiliar ground.

This is because we are the ones who are always ready to misunderstand them just for no reason.

If you wish that the relationship should work for long you need to understand things from each others point of view.

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1 Be Patient Being the younger one between the two partners, there are chances that you may lose your patience more often, So the biggest task is to maintain your calm and patience while dealing with the people.

Hence, the level of maturity should be same for the better understanding between the two.It’s the people around them who decide whether the term is an appropriate one or not.Typically we think of a cougar as a very attractive sexy woman in her thirties or forties, but it’s probably more accurate to say that it’s the age difference that makes her a cougar rather than her age itself.2 Act Mature: This is the most important aspect that you need to keep in mind while dating.When we date someone who is twice our age it becomes very important to deal situations maturely.

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The word implies that she is an older woman and that certainly won’t be how she wants to see herself. Treat her as a lover and a human being, and if you do have a regular penchant for the older lady, then you’re probably best off keeping that to yourself. There’s every chance in the world, although not a given, that the older female object of your desires comes with a readymade family.

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