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Remender’s series was 35-issues and started back in 2010.

You can learn a bit more about the series by tuning in.

It’s our second show for October and our third show in a row and we’re so happy to be here. On this week’s show, we’re joined by one of our new contributors and guest Missfit, Miss Nikki Alfaro as well as the co-writer of Gotham Academy (Oct 1) and the new Batgirl (Oct 8), Brenden Fletcher. Stephanie had to step out due to a lack of podcasting equipment while on the road so Mara takes over hosting duties.

There are just too many topics to cover and not enough shows to do them all in so here we are… The next topic tackled by The Missfits is the works of filmmaker extraordinaire Guillermo del Toro.

We went through our favorites from childhood, what we considered underrated classics, our favorite villains, and some of the more problem We’re back and on this week’s show we’re going to be sorting fictional characters into Hogwarts Houses. We’re back from our mini hiatus and things have changed up a bit. Professor Carolyn Cocca on this special edition of The Missfits, which is all about Star Wars: The Force Awakens aka the movie that we have a WHOLE LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT.

The characters we’re sorting aren’t from the Harry Potter verse, they’re just from the general fictional populous. Melissa is off doing awesome new podcast things and Mara is writing up a storm so we have a new t It’s the show you never thought we would cover. Help us raise money in our Fundraiser for the Refugee Crisis in Europe and the Middle East Talking Shojo first episode out this week!

You’ve asked and asked and asked and we’ve always intended to deliver, but here it is: the first of (possibly many) Wonder Woman shows featuring a roundtable discussion headed up by Mara Wood, Bob Reyer and Carolyn Cocca so you just KNOW it’s going What is this? Stephanie, Mara and Melissa are joined by very special guest, Boom!

editor Dafna Pleban to A new episode of The Missfits is here and it’s another list show.

The ladies got educated on the green amazon and do a little roundtable discussion on the character and some of the books that she’s featured in.

Angela and Angel give their fall/winter holiday viewing recommendations: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.

It's a bit late, but we may have some things to put on your list for next year!

Melissa Brenzinger, 24, is now documenting her June experiment in her hilariously blunt blog 30 Days of Tinder – aimed at ‘Tinder addicts, the Tinder phobes and those who need to vicariously live through someone else’s Tinder.’From a ‘farm boy’ to a poetic Canadian and even a woman, Melissa chatted to 30 different people on the popular dating phone app before going on a series of dates in her home town of Wellington and is now detailing the good, the bad and the strange.‘Just to clarify, I’m not here to empower myself, make a statement for all those single ladies out there, or try and reinvent the wheel.

This is just an experiment to prove that one guy wrong,’ she wrote in her introduction post.‘No one likes having their chest stared at for an hour by someone who can't even carry on a conversation to prevent the other person from realising.

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