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Having her marry Ojitchi will result in the birth of a male baby that will evolve into Oyajitchi.The conditions to obtain Otokitchi, and the results from marrying Ojitchi, are the same on these versions as on the Connection pets.On the Uratama, she is replaced with Ura Otokitchi.Marrying her to Ojitchi or Rexitchi will not yield any special offspring.Like Tsuketchi, Otokitchi will refuse to marry, and will get gradually more needy each day until she dies.Her meal is a mushroom, and her snack is a bottle of sake.This was removed from the finalized version of the toy, distributed in December.

The Dating Channel Channel can be offline sometimes.Otokitchi has a brief appearance where she is seen reading a love letter.Otokitchi makes a cameo in the episode Super Heroine Chamametchi! She and Ojitchi appear briefly on television, sitting down and sipping tea as Cha Mametchi flips through several different channels. When they argue over an issue, Hapihapitchi appears to make them happy, and they make up to each other.Later on, they argue again, but refuse to make up on their own, requesting Hapihapitchi do it for them. The Dating Channel Stream is not hosted by our site, it is provided by the tv station itself.

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