The secret to dating marquelle ward

WITH A CAPITAL FXXXxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoox I pop n lock and have always wanted to be part of something.

i unfortunately never got the opportunity to show my flair and talent. Marquelle is well amazing he is my favourite,and arlenes teenage daughter got it wrong.

Marcquelle's Audition Dance Marcquelle's Audition Song Marcquelle: Reveals unlikely introduction to dancing Click here to leave a comment about Marcquelle.

He's also a keen basketball player and has done some promos for Nike and won numerous basketball competitions.

He's also worked as a sales assistant and in a bar.

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Dance X was a reality television show produced in the UK for BBC One in 2007.

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Indeed, his mum was initially cross with Marcquelle as he was supposed to take her shopping on the day of his audition!

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