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Look for the fat in the gourmet section of major supermarkets or in specialty markets, or simply reserve the drippings from cooking duck, goose or beef.Endive can be bitter when eaten raw, but roasting the leafy vegetable mellows the flavour and brings out its sweetness.Bacon makes this dish extra-indulgent, but you can easily omit it if you prefer to keep it vegetarian.While it may look similar to broccoli, rapini has a distinct and assertive taste that many find bitter.The show-stopping end result is well worth the effort.Goat cheese lends extra creaminess and a hint of tangy flavour to classic garlicky mashed potatoes.

Oyster mushrooms are an elegant addition, but you can easily use inexpensive cremini mushrooms if you prefer.

Tender, sweet acorn squash and crisp bacon add extra appeal to Brussels sprouts.

For even cooking, trim the thick bottom end of the sprouts, remove the outer leaves and halve them lengthwise so they’re about the same size as the squash cubes.

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Stovetop space is often limited when preparing big meals, so avoid the crunch and make this classic creamy side in your slow cooker, instead!

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