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Almost all men who physically abuse women also psychologically abuse them.

Children who have been abused usually exhibit a variety of symptoms that encompass behavioral, emotional, and psychosomatic problems (body problems caused by emotional or psychological disturbance).

Physical abuse is the infliction of injury by another person.

Physical abuse can happen to both children and adults of either gender and of any sexual orientation.

Nearly 83% of abused children were abused by a parent or a parent acting with another individual.

Physical abuse of adults primarily occurs against women.

Abuse is defined as any action that intentionally harms or injures another person.

Abuse also encompasses inappropriate use of any substance, especially those that alter consciousness (e.g., alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines).

Men who are unemployed but living in a household where the woman works are most likely to be psychological abusers.

There are several major types of abuse: physical abuse, sexual abuse, substance abuse, elder abuse, and psychological abuse.

All forms of abuse in the United States are illegal and have the potential to carry serious criminal penalties.

Children who have been physically abused tend to be more aggressive, angry, hostile, depressed, and have low self-esteem.

Additionally, they exhibit fear, anxiety, and nightmares.

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