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Teen dating violence is a major public health concern, with about 1 in 10 teens experiencing physical violence or sexual coercion, and even higher rates of psychological abuse.Some progress toward awareness, prevention, and intervention with these youth has been made.Research has shown that 2 out of 5 females and 1 out of 3 males report being victimized in a dating relationship. One study found that more girls (41%) than boys (29%) reported perpetrating at some point in their lives.The media typically shows male perpetrators, so what message do our teens receive about abusers?For example, after such an assault, it is not uncommon to see teenagers neglecting schoolwork, neglecting friends, neglecting family, and neglecting sports activities.It is also important to note, that a crucial line of defense is that of primary care medicine – whether it be pediatrics or OB/GYN.

It includes physical, sexual, and emotional/psychological abuse, and stalking — all of which are very real and can be very damaging.

Will victimized boys feel like they can come forward if they think they’re the only ones? It’s obvious that we need to be educating kids at the most basic level.

We can’t expect them to seek out help or use the resources provided if they’re too scared, too confused, or are unaware of what’s really happening to them.

He is the co-editor of Youth Suicide and Bullying: Challenges and Strategies for Prevention and Intervention.

Violence isn’t just relegated to domestic married couples—unfortunately, it’s just as prevalent among teenagers.

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Myth: Teen dating violence only occurs between boys and girls. In fact, LGBTQ youth may be more likely to experience dating violence compared to heterosexual youth.

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