Stored procedure insert not updating database

The following script sample shows how the required local variables for the create/update stored procedure are defined and initialized.

The sample also shows how the @o Err String parameter is initialized.

The Dynamics GP Service framework uses e Connect SQL stored procedures to insert or update a document in the Dynamics GP database.

If your service uses the Create, Update, or Void operations of the Dynamics GP Service framework, you need to add SQL stored procedures for that operation.

Add SQL statements that specify the name of the stored procedure, add it to the stored procedures of a Dynamics GP company database, and define the input and output parameters of the stored procedure.

The following sample shows how to create a stored procedure named sample Lead Create Update.

In addition, e Connect SQL stored procedures validate data and implement the business logic associated with the document.

Notice the naming convention used with the input parameters.

One SQL stored procedure can be used to perform both the create and update operations for your document type.

To create a SQL stored procedure that performs the create and update operations, complete the following steps: Open Visual Studio.

When you add your document type to e Connect, you need to create a SQL stored procedure that performs each of these steps.

To complete a create, update, or delete operation, the Dynamics GP Service framework sends an XML document to e Connect.

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