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You deeply know your own Shadows and Light - and you are very in touch with your feelings - not just in an intellectual way.You have seriously faced your Shadows (several of them - and, yes, there are always more), and have learned how to integrate your Shadows with love, rather than attempting to exile them or make them behave. You live inside the practice of knowing that what happens inside of you is YOURS.You have huge compassion and also clear loving boundaries. We share a love of God/Creator/Great Mystery/Source.

Nature heals, inspires and integrates me - I am profoundly grateful for her wisdom.

I particularly love to hike and do so several days a week. I am more connected to my power and my voice than most women you will meet.

By power, I mean presence and the willingness to speak my truth and be honest and open about what is happening within me in any given moment. You are spiritual, embodied, present, passionate, romantic, mature and monogamous.

You share your inner world, offer compassion to yourself, and make requests around your needs and wants. You value honesty, directness, presence, vulnerability and the rich variations of life.

You are not afraid of the vastness of the feminine (well, of course you are sometimes. But you know how to "be with" the vastness, how to stay present and meet Her.) You are a man of mission, service and integrity. You have a spirituality - a well developed relationship with Source - that is important and supportive to you.

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I am passionate about living fully present, in the flow, in communion with our Earth, in deep surrender to Source and in service to the people.

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