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Most participants seem somewhat experienced with the speeding dating process. “They jump right in.” One of the challenges has been the uneven gender ratio, with a disproportionate number of women registering for the events (during the second session, for example, there were 24 participants, and only 6 or 7 were men).

Prisbrey is quick to point out, however, that it’s really a way for young to meet — not necessarily a “dating” event, so women are finding women friends this way.

Prisbrey explains how speed-dating events will often end with the “host” discreetly facilitating the exchange of telephone numbers among those who connected.

Prisbrey hope to see more young men sign up in the future, however.

(in addition to offering fee tickets provided by Signature theatre).

The “book dating” program at the Shirlington branch library in Arlington County has been drawing a lot of attention lately, due in large part to its novelty.

Single young professionals are invited to bring in a couple of books — whether favorites, disappointments, or yet-to-be-read titles — to be shared during timed, three-minute “book dates” with other single patrons. When asked where the idea for Shirlington’s book dating program came from, Librarian and Program Developer Mary Prisbrey laughs and says, “Although I’d like to say it was my idea, it actually wasn’t. I actually found the idea by Googling.” Prisbrey goes on to explain that she stumbled upon a similar program in Fargo, North Dakota while looking for ways to bring young people into the library.

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