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Self-inflating pads are not good for Scouts because they can be punctured.

A “backpacker’s pillow” is an optional added piece of comfort, or you can use your sleeping bag’s stuff sack filled with your fleece jacket and a tee shirt as a pillow case.

A couple of large garbage bags may be suitable for summer hiking in the Sierras, but if multiple rainy days are anticipated a dedicated pack cover is better.Save weight by building your own First Aid kit with a Ziplock bag and supplies.Water Bottles: Two wide mouth plastic water bottles (32 ounce size) that fit inside the larger side pocket of most packs are great but their are lighter options.Note: sleeping bags should not be stored in the stuff-sack at home, as this will mat the filling, causing a reduction in loft, and thus warmth.Bags are best stored in “cloth storage bags” or left laying as loose as possible.

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