Shu qi and leon lai dating

Sort of nice that Leon knew Galie for 5 years already. Since when did they gone out is what people should question. People involved saying it's true or some pictures at least.

act=image&pid=700147"][img] [b][url=" Asia[/url][/b]Life should not be lived for another person, but for herself, says Shu Qi.

After Leon and Shu Qi broke up, rumor had it that Leon was dating Tsui Zi San but Galie is actually his rebound girl.

Last month, reporters even saw her going straight to his place after wrapping up her work in Admiralty. Heavily influenced by her mother, Shu Qi once believed that marriage was a waste of one’s youth, reports Jayne Stars.Despite romantic links with Stephen Fung for 17 years, Shu Qi continues to maintain they are only friends.His new girlfriend is just like his former flame, a model named Galie Lok. i've never known that leon lai was previosly bf of shu qi...well, shu qi isnt that great anyway.of course, leon lai looks very sissy..never thought he's one play-boy..ditching his gf for another one..i guess this relationship wont last long as well.. According to our sources, it happened after the two got buzzed on red wine. relationship alwayz come and goes and pple are always on rebounds..

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