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His mouth was in heaven having tasted her sweet cum from the very source, but his cock was screaming.He sat back for a moment, simply admiring her hot, gorgeous little pussy. They soon discovered they knew a lot of the same people. Ruby covered herself with the blanket, feeling much better already. Levenston seemed really nice, and she was already more comfortable. Levenston asked her several questions about her family history."Okay, Ruby, everything seems normal with your breasts." "Good." Dr. As Ruby scooted to the very edge of the table and was about to put her feet in the stirrups, Dr. "Good girl," he said, smiling, as he took the cup from her. "Go to sleep, baby girl." "Mmm-hmm," she answered, just barely. He then licked the tips of his index fingers and rubbed over Ruby's nipples. He pushed her knees apart, then ran one finger along her slit. She continued to fade more and more, but nonetheless, she was still arching her back just a bit as if begging him to suck her tits..her hips were ever so slightly bucking into his finger. The most gorgeous thing of all was the thin layer of wetness that spanned the entire length of her bare slit..very same wetness he'd just tasted. pushed her legs apart wider and scooted his chair in.Levenston moved down to the bottom of the exam table and sat in his chair before she could take notice of his stiff member. "Now lie back, put your feet in the stirrups, and I'll see you when you wake up." With that, he closed the door behind himself and let out a huge sigh. Not only were they instantly rock hard, but she moaned...loudly. He just sat there for a moment and watched her sweet juices drip down the outer folds of her cunt. He leaned in to taste the juices right from the source..long, slow lick from her virgin vagina right up to her soon-to-be climaxing clit. He sank his tongue in again..time into her waiting hole. The nurse finally set her pen down and reached into the drawer, pulling out a paper gown. I've never had a boyfriend." "Okay then," he said, making a note in her chart. Ruby was at ease as she chatted away with the doctor...until he came to the questions about her sexual history. " Reverting back to her shyness, Ruby answered quietly, "None." "You're a virgin? It's okay if you're not, but you need to tell me before I begin the exam." "No, I'm positive I'm a virgin.

He looked up his patient's body..her curvy hips to her tiny waist to her perky, round, teenage breasts with perfectly pink, rock hard nipples and a mouth that could make any guy cum in seconds. "It's always cold around here, so we keep blankets in the warming drawer, just in case," he said with a wink. "Staci just likes to make sure all her girls are healthy before the start of their senior year, so today I'm just going to do a basic external and internal exam, okay? When she took it, she couldn't believe how warm it was."Now, scoot down the table so that your bottom is right on the edge, then put your feet in the stirrups." Ruby knew this was going to be the hardest part of the exam, being naked in front of a male stranger probing at her "girl parts". As she did, her hand caught on the paper gown, tearing it in half. Staci's done it again, he thought to himself, as he smiled like a Cheshire cat. Levenston usually waited a good 20 minutes for the sedation to take effect before returning to a patient's room, but he couldn't wait for Ruby to fall asleep entirely..anticipation was too great. The doctor returned his tongue to his mouth and swallowed, savoring her. Her tiny vaginal canal was even tight around his tongue...he'd never felt anything like it.After only 10 minutes, he entered Ruby's exam room, carefully locking the door behind himself. As he stiffened his tongue and began to fuck her with it, he brought his fingers upward and started to rub just around the outer rim of her teeny tiny little clit...small, but full circles.

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