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Welfare is the economic underpinning of the regular abuse of children.” OH IS THAT SO? You haven’t heard there’s a Royal Commission into the systematic rape of children in religious institutions?

They’re people with dreams, ambitions, hopes, and potential, and no matter how ill founded any of it may be, for someone supposedly well versed in history to advocate their institutionalisation on the basis of generational poverty springs from the kind of thinking that in the not so recent past, opened some very dark doors indeed.

And not only that but it seems like people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are poor mothers. But does the Hirst-tron back that shit up with some serious fact-bombs?

Here’s the sentence that follows the paragraph above: “The number of reports of child abuse has grown enormously.” Yes, we know, and?

Pru Goward, the New South Wales Family and Community Services minister, reported recently on cases in which babies had to be removed from their mother at birth to ensure they survived.” HOLY SHIT-STORM BATMAN, how’s that for a sentence?

“The mothers are given to junk food, daytime TV and no-good boyfriends, who might develop designs on an adolescent daughter.” Envision for a moment the friends of said mothers discussing their problems: “Not only is Sandra dating Mitch, who’s raping her daughter, but she really enjoys Whoppers AND Dr Phil.” Fuck you Sandra.

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