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They see the material wealth of the West and know they cannot earn it by traditional means, a 9-5 job.Mathematics PHDs, the same people who earn 0,000 creating quantitative trading models for hedge funds, earn only 0 per month in Russia working as night watchmen and cleaning ladies.When the highly educated are impoverished, a culture of scamming is bound to emerge.Russians are teased by candy behind the store window, their faces squashed up against the glass, almost tasting it.An e-mail is sent to you asking to be a "transfer agent" between a Russian company and their US clientele.The job entails cashing checks and receiving wire transfers in your bank account from a domestic source, then resending the money to Russia.

Their tax collection system is nothing like in the USA, agents find you long before any money is due, in an effort to make sure you don't cheat.Compensation will be 15% of the monthly volume transferred, which adds up to 00 dollars, wow! You are the middle man in a credit card theft scheme that is impossible without the aid of a US citizen or resident.In addition to forwarding money you will receive packages at your house and reship them to Russia. The Russian scammers, (also working in a similar crew), hack credit card companies and merchant databases for fresh Credit Card #s and pins.In their business it is of the utmost important to remain anonymous, and private housing provides that cover.A successful crew will install a jacuzzi, and keep two refrigerators stocked with food and snacks.

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