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Jonathan Soma is a Brooklyn based data wrangler who teaches everything from Thai cooking to the Loch Ness monster at the Brooklyn Brainery and runs a data code narrative program at Columbia’s Journalism School.

If you're interested in adding data and coding to your skillset, we're currently accepting applications for Summer 2015 (deadline is 2/15).

Online daters might have more luck finding love in Salt Lake City, one of the best cities for older singles with a 13 percent response rate.

Many men think that to find a lonely Ukrainian girl in New York is practically impossible.

These are usually girls with a languishing look dressed haute couture and renting flats in the most fashionable and expensive districts of New York.

They prefer mixing only in those places where they are provided with a free entrance and a VIP-table.

For the past half-dozen years I’ve been fighting an easily-mapped battle about the shortage of eligible bachelors in New York City.

Brooklyn seems to have had some work done recently, she noted, which is drawing a younger crowd to the area.She is either with somebody who is better than you or she is not happy with your ‘position’ in society, or she likes you, but having a more profitable ‘variant’ she chooses the latter one… But has anybody ever put oneself a question if it is easy for women from Ukraine in New York? There are Ukrainian women who live according to the same rules and with the same habits as on their motherland – everything only Ukrainian – from gingerbread to champagne, from feast with friends to Ukrainian cuisine in a small flat, most often bought just in Brighton Beach.Yes, there are enough admirers for everyone both among Russian population of Brooklyn and among an English-speaking part of the city. There are women who found themselves professionally in Americans companies, take flats for rent in good districts of the city, meet in the best American clubs and restaurants (but their native things are also not strange for them, even quite the opposite) and the main thing is that their social network is not limited by only Russians and Ukrainians, they are friends with representatives of all nationalities and visit both Ukrainian and American, Indian, Spanish, Chinese and other events.According to the Census Bureau, “single” is everyone who isn’t currently married, and it completely ignores sexuality, so this is far from an exact science! My original map (and others like it) were collected at the area of a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), a grouping used by the Census Bureau to put cities and their immediate, tight-knit suburbs together. The one on the left is Hell’s Kitchen – commenter Steve wrote in to say “in the past few years it has become a hub of the gay community which is why it’s all young single guys.Since these areas are basically married, it makes sense to treat them as a single statistical area, right? It’s what Chelsea once was.” As for the one on the bottom, I spend a lot of time down under side of the Manhattan bridge, and while it looks like the Lower East Side I can tell you this: all of those single men are living in Chinatown.

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