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The thing is that me and another girl (both single) are going to Manama for a 1-week vacation.This trip not only allows us to see our close friend who is currently working in Qatar in the Hotel business and who will also be in Bahrain for a short vacation, but this is a unique chance for us to explore a fascinating world of Oriental culture and traditions and get exposed to a totally different environment. The place is okay, and and near the american alley so there's no problem if you'd want to eat near the hotel premises.Your note about the breakfast buffet has been passed to our executive chef, the corrective action has been taken taken already. Very decent place with pleasant staff good beer, pool tables, music in the background. it is indeed disappointing to note that we could not meet your expectations during your recent visit in our hotel outlet.I am optimistic by nature lady and in any situation I try to find something positive, my friends say I am special, maybe))) I am lovely and pretty and I have one dream, I want to... Online international dating site Love Loved features with Russian single real women and hot Ukrainian nice girls who searching long-term partners in different parts of the world for romance, love and marriage.more about Lesya from Kharkov Maybe you will consider me a little bit old-fashioned but I believe that one should find the partner for the whole life. If your want to find a Russia beautiful bride or Ukraine sexy wife, then you are in the right place.

The hotel itself is neat with some good restaurants and cafés. Check-in and checkout was a bit slow but they have a wonderful lobby where my family was able to relax and... Kamran, I would like to thank you for staying with us and leaving your valuable feedback on Trip Advisor.Its a great pleasure to hear that your stay were wonderful, definitely your comment will be... The best part is the rooms are so spacious which was big enough to accommodate my family. Its a great privilege to hear from you that your stay was comfortable and you have enjoyed our service. Dear All, I've heard and read (not once) that women traveling without men could expect some problems/difficulties with Bahrain visa obtaining: is that true?This is the right place for those who are looking for a refreshing weekend and social get together. Me and my wife visited their caffe on 1st floor and we had following: 2x Shisha - 16 BD 1x Heineken - 3.5 BD 1x Lipton yelow label tea - 4 BD (??? The advantage is its very near a street which has lot of all day dining experiences .The group is known for having nightlife spots in all their properties but things were... Sanjay Thank you for staying with us and leaving your valuable feedback on Trip Advisor.

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