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The regulations are a major renovation to former Part 121 flight-duty time and rest requirements, incorporating many new factors, one of them being circadian rhythm.To say the least, the growing pains have become contentious at times.The new FAR Part 117 regulations that became effective Jan.4 have added a degree of angst to both the airline and its pilots.We have a tedious system that attempts to spread out the monthly flight time among reserve pilots such that those with the most seniority can't always decline trips and never fly, and vice versa for the junior pilots.In other words, I don't necessarily have a choice on if I'm going or where I'm going.Giles, pictured outside Exeter Magistrates' Court, kept up his disguise by creating back stories about his past, and sending women photos of the foreign cities in which he was allegedly based - which he downloaded from the internet 'But he stole £400 from my home and I lent him £200 as he claimed to have left his bank card in a hotel in Australia and couldn’t access his money over Christmas.

A reserve pilot is credited with a guaranteed amount of hours flown each month and thus guaranteed minimum pay.After almost 30 years with my airline, I made a small career decision.Rather than fly a regular schedule, I elected to re-enter the world of a reserve pilot.It was a matter of verifying the correct information with the paperwork, a standard preflight procedure.In addition, I had taken the initiative to view the weather via the WSI i Pad app in my hotel room.

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I indicated to the apologetic but naive agent that the door wouldn't close until I had more than a millisecond for a review, perplexing as that may have appeared.

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