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Yet the Rolling Stones are more embedded in rock than any other band: the very idea of this ensemble of reprehensible survivors resonates at an almost mythic level.

The phrase “World’s Greatest” has become a kind of trademark, as immediately identifiable with the Stones as their lascivious lips logo.

The whole thing, music and image, lent rock a sense of embodying the essence of a generation in the process of change.

Scorned by the older generation, the Stones’ early shows became the setting for not only female sexual hysteria but ferocious male disorder, frequently degenerating into riots.

The list gives their date, cause and location of death, and their age.

And the Beatles broke up while the Stones rolled on, remaining at the centre of things for two decades as recording artists and three more as one of the world’s most popular live attractions.

Longevity is surely a factor that sees off the claim of such tragically short-lived sensations as the Doors and Nirvana, groups who briefly demonstrated how deep rock could go.

It was just two days after the death of founding member Brian Jones, and new guitarist Mick Taylor was making his live debut.

Stage manager Sam Cutler ambled up to a microphone and declared, to enthusiastic roars: “Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome the Greatest Rock ’n’ Roll Band in the World!

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“They forget about the roll.” Maybe that is the Stones’ secret.

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