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The procedure on how to setup an installation server and to add the service pack is described in the .

You will find this document in the file README on the first DVD.

You can either update to SP2 by using the online update tools to download patches or update using an SP2 installation media.

For installing SP2 by downloading patches, the following tools are supported: Attention: The update process has to be done completely from beginning to reboot. Furthermore, the server has to be connected online during the whole update process.

It runs on a SLES 10 SP2 server and the Novell Appnote Keep your SUSE Linux Desktops, Servers and OES Servers Updated with Subscription Management Tool for SUSE Linux Enterprise gives an overview of its features as well as instructions on how to implement it. To start the standard update from CD-ROM or DVD, reboot your computer with this medium in your CD-ROM or DVD drive.

Perform a system update instead of a fresh installation.

If you are considering updating your BIOS it is strongly recommended that you first contact your dealer or system assembler for help and guidance.This document is quite long and detailed, but don't be afraid.In fact the update procedure is very simple, straight-forward and (in most cases) self-explaining.You should be aware that flashing a BIOS is not not guaranteed to be successful.If your system is running well then, even if there is a new version of the BIOS available, it may not be the best option to flash the new one.

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As an alternative to downloading the updates for each single client system from the Novell update server, it is possible to use Subscription Management Tool for SUSE Linux Enterprise to mirror the updates to a local server.

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