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Pastor Judah has authored several books including “Dating Delilah”, a book on purity from a new perspective, and his new book, “Jesus Is”.His ministry is noted for an anointed and fresh preaching style mixed with humor, authority, passion and strong faith.Also, Judah Smith used to host a show GCTV, which does not air anymore.It was by the Generation Church, and on this show Judah Smith used to talk about Bible and other topics related to that.His parents, Wendell and Gini Smith, are also pastors and are one of the founding pastors of the City Church in Kirkland, Washington.

In January 2009, Judah was named the Preaching Pastor of the City Church, so he took the role of addressing to the congregation every weekend.

Judah left Bellevue Christian School and went to Issaquah High School instead, in his youth.

He also played a basketball match with future NBA star Tracy Mc Grady in Las Vegas.

He is married to Chelsea Smith and has two sons, Zion and Elliot, and a daughter, Grace.

Smith preaches to Junior High, High School and University students, as he is the pastor of Generation Church.

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Pastor Judah has authored several books including , a book on purity from a new perspective.

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