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From today, I would not have the guilt and uneasiness about ‘how can one get the love from everyone when he can’t even be truthful and clear about his love from his girl…

Last year I was staying in America for a while, and we had a little secret room on Park Han Byul’s minihompy, where only she can see the photos here, where we post up photos and letters to each other on it.

Until now we have seen many celebrity couples who had revealed their love relationship and then break up and have regrets, we thought it is better we defend our private love for each other.

But things just piled up and I can only be sorry to those who believed me with their hearts but I didn’t come clean about it.

anyhow is this the new years eve couple, i thought they said it would be shocking or that what commenters said lol.

Se7en has finally admitted that he is dating the actress Park Han Byul!As a straight-up episode, this one was admittedly light on drama — but as an epilogue, it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen in a while.( also ranks high for awkward fast-forward jumps.) And it’s definitely one of the better Hong sisters epilogues, given that they usually make the couple angst through the end, giving them about ten minutes of happy at the end.Article: [Exclusive] Park Han Byul and Se7en break up... [ 47, -2] Good job, good job, goooooooooood job!!!!!!!! Congratulations~~-Article: Park Han Byul and Jung Eun Woo reps confirm relationship, "They recently began getting to know each other"Source: Mydaily via Naver1. [ 833, -11] Second time I've been so happy about a couple breaking up since Kim Yuna. [ 49, -4] He's tall and handsome, way better than Se7en5. [ 1,164, -22] The aftermath of the massage parlor...4. [ 167, -12] Forget about that pathetic Se7en and be happy. [ 158, -6] Se7en has seriously lost everything now ㅋㅋ all for a massage parlor ㅋㅋ8.

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Day Dream Entertainment, Park’s agency, said the pair had met while filming the drama “A Well-Grown Daughter” and started dating about a month ago.

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