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”) and a clear-eyed maturity when she realizes a much-anticipated rendezvous with long-range cyber pal Birdbrain/Brian (Trip Hope) just isn’t going to work (“Here He Comes,” “Date in San Francisco”).

The real zest in this production is provided by Jenny’s two sexy, hip-to-the-hilt office pals Jessica (Ali Pomerantz) and Andrea (Sandy Shimoda).

The two aggressively well-meaning pals ignite the proceedings as they bulldoze Jenny into going hunk-hunting online (“Profile Names,” “Cliche Essay,” “Jenny’s Essay”).

The trio of Jessie, Andrea and Jenny are particularly effective as they belt out the first act closing, “Internet Dating Is the Best Thing Ever.” As the slew of suitors for Jenny’s affections, Kyle Nudo, Jeffrey Landman, Reggie De Leon, Hope and Mannix acquit themselves quite well in a vast array of jaundiced personas.

Let's face it: Even if you're not someone who cares about that hearts 'n' roses mess known as Valentine's Day, the holiday still manages to linger in the air come February 14 like a particularly offensive cologne, making us all miserable and headachy.Nudo is endearing as Jenny’s secretly adoring co-worker Steve (“Beck and Call”) and De Leon is the perennial adorable geek as he sizes up the profile of one potential online sweetie (“You Are Cute, but You Can’t Spell”).Jenny - Ali Spuck Jessica - Ali Pomerantz Andrea - Sandy Shimoda Steve - Kyle Nudo Edwardo - Anthony Mannix Jenny's Mom - Suzan Soloman Birdbrain/Brian - Trip Hope The Bug, Ariella - Jennifer Norkin Oliver - Reggie De Leon Mr. But still, you can see the appeal, especially as online dating has lost some of its stigma. For a start it usually happens in a pub or club, which means you’re senseless with booze and have to shout, thereby steamrollering any nuance in what you have to say and rendering your best-laid conversational zingers as blithering drunktalk. If you’re single, and you’re introduced to another single person, you’re inclined to project a desperate sort of I-am-potentially-available-for-sex version of yourself, which may have precious little to do with your actual personality. Actually, that’s not true: dating sites merely defer the agony until the first date.

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