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You want to educate them to the fact that there are deeper things to explore, and that’s available in the paid product. I mean here’s the right thing, Andy, like what I’m not saying it that you shouldn’t teach and you shouldn’t educate.

What I’m saying is that look, if I were going to take a chemistry class, and some person came to me and they said hey, when you know chemistry you’re going to be much more likely to get into medical school.

Here are the kinds of things that you’re going to learn about.

You’re going to be able to do these kinds of, you know, Mr. We’re going to show you how to make your own dry ice.

One, we’re going to talk about what kinds of bribes get opt ins, and we’re going to talk about how to ensure that the people who opt in for those bribes, if you will, end up purchasing. So we release calculators like that rather than some sort of product that tells you how to calculate this. We release landing page download templates that people could download and implement in their business. This has really gotten us more results than anything else, and I think when a lot of people hear me talk about this, they become somewhat stumped with how they can do this.

We released a Word Press plug-in that someone could download. And my message to everyone here is that you don’t need to do programming in order to get one of these, right. [] …gave away a wristband, a goal-setting wristband for people that they could wear on the wrist. And I think it’s a really important part that you mentioned that it does not know require programming, especially, you know, people listening to you and they know what your business does, and they think oh, that’s easy for Clay to say, he’s got, you know, a team of developers that’s working on this all the time, but like you gave a couple of examples of things that are much simpler, you know, and what we really talk about when we’re talking about, you know, done-for-you is a tool that people can go on and use… Andy: …not something that they have to think about, figure out how they’re going to use then work on building a habit. So Andy, how do we ensure that after someone has opted into our list for that sort of that carrot that we’re dangling in front of them, how do we ensure that they go on to purchase our product after they’ve received the bribe from us?

I see this all the time where people are trying to divert folks who are really looking for one thing and trying to get them to purchase something else.So for example, if you have like a 20-part video course on, you know, sewing buttons under your trousers or something, and you’re trying to sell a program on zippers, you know, that’s sort of, you know, might sort of fit kind of, but the thing is, when are they going to watch 20 videos on sewing buttons? You know, the two things that I see – The two mistakes that I see people will making all the time are: one, that their bribe is too large and too all encompassing, and it therefore becomes a factor that prohibits people from buying because they say, “Hey, I haven’t gone through the free thing yet. Why would I purchase the main course when I can’t even digest the sample of this meal, you know? So back in, you know, sort of the heyday of SEO, some might argue that we’re still in the heyday of SEOs, but back in the heyday of SEO, you know, there were – people had fine these terms where a lot of the people were searching for the term, but there weren’t a lot of pages that existed for the term.Most people are never going to do that, and they’re going to be sitting there thinking every time they see you talk about your zipper program, they’re going to say, “Oh, I’ve still only watched 3 of your button videos.” You know, when am I ever going to have time for zippers? So for example, I had a client once who wanted to tell a dog training course, but they ranked very easily for the term dog bed, so they were like well, if someone’s searching for a dog bed, then it’s very likely that this person has a dog and that they would want to purchase a course on how to like train their dog.We’re going to, you know, blah, blah, blah, and they’re like do you want to take chemistry class.You know, if that were me like if they were actually speaking to me and I did want to go to graduate school for Physics or become a doctor potentially or whatever, then that would be the perfect sell.

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