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For example, in the case of Aznar: Aznar Aznrez (2 entries), Aznar Fortnez (51), Aznar Garca (12), Aznar Iguez (1), Aznar Jimnez (1), Aznar Lpez (1), and Aznar Snchez (31).

Individual persons were then identified from these name combinations with the help of other information included in the charters, for example property-holdings and family relationships.

Names typical of the nobility in Navarre are Aznar (108 entries extracted), Fortn (306), Garca (142), igo (99), Jimeno (139), Lope (132), and Sancho (152).

With the help of the spreadsheet, each name/patronymic combination was grouped.

The information was entered into an Excel spreadsheet to facilitate data manipulation.

Chapters 2, 3 and 4 set out some of the illegitimate descendants of the kings of Navarre (of the dynasty of the counts of Champagne) who were prominent Navarrese noblemen in the 14th and 15th centuries.There are also some unusual names which occur in much smaller numbers and which help the identification process: Aurelio (16), Galindo (23), Ochoa (1), and Vela (7).Nevertheless, there are some especially difficult name/patronymic combinations, for example out of the 85 references to the combination Sancho Fortnez, a maximum of seventeen different individuals appear to be identifiable, although in this case further grouping is suspected which cannot be proved beyond doubt on the basis of the available information.This document sets out the nobility in the kingdom of Navar re from the 8th to 15th centuries, including the nobles in lava and Guipzcoa which were under the jurisdiction of the kings of Navarre until the late 11th century.Reconstruction of the families of Navarrese nobility in presents considerable difficulties.

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The different steps in this analysis process narrow the number of individuals to a more manageable number.

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