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Time is limited, business is the priority, deep meaningful connections are often too much work (and time consuming), and everyone is in a constant state of over-stimulation and distraction.New Yorkers work hard, and when it comes to play, they play hard in a world where anything and everything is possible.You may think that being hard is an indicator of strength, but this is an illusion.

Here are some tips on how to date like a New Yorker.

This creates an ideal environment for casual hook-ups, and a string of fleeting moments.

In addition, the imbalanced ratio of single straight men and single straight women makes it a man’s playground of limitless options.

This can result in women feeling jaded or apathetic, and becoming defensive and hardened as a coping strategy.

Once you start closing your heart in fear of disappointment, you block out the opportunity to create loving and beautiful connections, essentially – you get in your own way.

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  1. john-mellencamp-christie-brinkley-dating-photos john-mellencamp-christie-brinkley-dating-photos-01 The “Uptown Girl” was beaming during her evening with the “Little Pink Houses” singer, as the celebrity duo were seen leaving the Gotham hotspot, the Bowery Hotel.