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He Googles Gustav, now a handsome successful Swedish lawyer. He later sees Gustav is joined at his lunch by Zelda.

Andrew sneaks to better hear and see them, not noticing that he's crouched down against a parked police car.

Zelda enters Wallflower, an online dating service, to file a complaint.

Her best friend, Stephie, set up her account and profile, which led to a horrible date.

By an accidental chance of fate, Zelda meets Andrew to resolve a mismatch dating dispute and these two single people suddenly find themselves falling for each other.

From there, the series chronicles their relationship timeline "from A to Z", as narrated by Katey Sagal.

The song happens to be the theme music from This Week in Baseball, what he calls his "Big Glory" music, accompaniment to the finest moments of his life.

Zelda, hearing Stephie's point of view, does some online research about Andrew.

Hours later, she finds dashboard camera footage of Andrew being arrested outside an Oakland Raiders game.

A shirtless Mike opens the door, and Andrew assumes the worst and drives off. She blurts out that Mike was only at her apartment because he needed something notarized.

Andrew tells her nothing happened on his date either.

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She and Andrew agree to not keep secrets from one another.

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