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“Most all the furnishings are midcentury classical, but we decided we wanted to add a layer of warmth and exoticism.We got very fixated on shopping for Moroccan and Turkish rugs, indigo textiles, vintage lighting, good art, and so on.” Once larger pieces were in place, Conlin sought out standout accents to layer into the space and project a personal and collected vibe.The long-running crime drama premiered its 12th and final season earlier this month.The cast includes Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, Michaela Conlin, T. Thyne, Eric Millegan, Tamara Taylor, Michaela Conlin, John Francis Daley, Patricia Belcher, and David Greenman. » - TVSeries Bones is ending and no one is more upset than Billy on the Street's Billy Eichner.“I would go to the flea market and pick up something like those little gold bird statues on the coffee table or the vintage rug,” she says.“I’d find an old chair that we could get reupholstered, and it just built from there.The show stars Emily Deschanel as a forensic anthropologist who teams up with an FBI agent played by David Boreanaz. Will the ratings see a resurgence or, will they fall even lower?

Find out all they had to say about their time on Bones and what the future holds for their characters below.

“The bedroom was a bit different, as I had lived in the house for a while before I started it,” she says.

“I knew how I wanted it to feel.” Layers of serene ivory and cream colors pair well with soft metallic accents to create a relaxing retreat with just the right amount of glamour.

“We both have the same general design philosophy, which is understated and warm, but very cohesive and a little playful,” says Lage. We challenged each other but respected the other As Lage was working at L.

A.-based furniture favorite Lawson-Fenning at the time the pair met, the first piece they selected for the space was the stunning sculptural coffee table in the living room.

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“We started by looking at design magazines and books and pulling out photos of rooms that I liked,” she says.

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