Mennonite dating customs

Some of the comments are surprising, but they do answer the main question: Does bed courtship still exist among the Amish? I've heard the parents don't really like it, but they look the other way, because they really want their children to stay Amish. It is one of the many acts of deceit they think is ok because the higher up Amish do something different! Dee I'm still trying to figure out why parents don't stop it.

I'm guessing it is NOT a practice among the New Orders or higher churches--right?We deal with the same troubles, but it seems like mixed messages to Amish teens would be SO troubling!Barbara The craziest thing in the world is they expect them even in dating this way to refrain from sex! And from what I gather from Saloma's book, there is a certain amount of ...can't think of the Dutch word...cuddling and kissing expected from the girls, too.Lots of differences when we make church rules based on preferences instead of following GODS word!!!!Henry I grew up in the Delaware Amish community and bed courtship was not observed there.

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