Mcafee epo agent not updating

When the Write Cache and Pv D drives are created, they are empty and will NOT carry over ANY of the manual work done before hand.

So just forget about doing any of the items usually done by pre creating a Write Cache drive.

For this article, I will use a 10GB Write Cache drive and a 20GB Pv D drive.

Make sure the new drives are created in the proper storage locations as shown in Figures 7 through 9.

These are the settings in the policy used for this lab.

Next up is to create a Windows 7 VM to be used as the Master or Golden image. One for the Write Cache drive and the other for the Pv D drive.

At this time, any software and updates needed can be installed.

Assumptions: This article is not about the pros and cons of Pv D.

It is simply about what process can be used to create virtual desktops that require the use of a Write Cache drive and Pv D.

As with most things involving Xen Desktop and or PVS, there is NO one way or one right way to do anything.

This article will give you detailed information on the process I worked out and documented and now updated for Xen Desktop 7.6 and PVS 7.6.

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Update: This has been tested with Xen Server 6.5 with no changes or issues.

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