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Referring to the mixed blessing that comes with that level of fame, she added, "I hope [people] can look at me as acting and playing a different character, and respect me for trying hard at something.

We'll see what happens."What happened was, she did her job and went about her business—as she always did and would continue to do.

Ashley and Mary-Kate continue to make most decisions as a pair, balancing the creative side (everything from picking fabrics to pattern-making) with the business side (marketing, brand strategizing and balancing budgets)—and they even still dress alike, too!

"They are very involved and hands-on with their companies," says an insider. They have an office in New York that they both go to and they attend meetings and conferences all the time."And when it's time to leave the office, the girls often opt for intimate soirees with their pals (many of whom are not in the entertainment business).

We never had the time to discover, 'Oh, I love doing this...' So for us this experience in fashion has been amazing."The twins did not put "the entertainment industry" behind them at quite the same time, however.

Their last big-screen movie together was 2004's "I've been going on auditions and this was something I connected with."Parrish also noted how, the first day she was on set, Mary-Kate "couldn't even get to hair and makeup," there were so many paparazzi.

They have shunned social media, they don't slap their image on the products they sell and when they launched The Row, in 2006, they actually tried to play down their association with the luxurious brand—which famously sprang from the twins' quest to create the perfect T-shirt.

Ultimately it was the clothes that did the talking, with the twins sharing the honor for top womenswear designers of the year at the 2012 Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards."I'd like to thank!

They both love music and will go to concerts or to Knicks basketball games, but mostly its dinner parties with friends at home."They are heavily involved in the fashion world.

actress looked like an equestrian in a white polo and khaki pants, while her 46-year-old fiance -- the half-brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy -- went casual in jeans and a striped button-down.

WATCH: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Talk 'Full House' Spinoff -- You Got It, Dude!

We've known for months that the now 29-year-old Mary-Kate and Ashley wouldn't be reprising the role of baby of the family Michelle Tanner on —but it was still such a disappointment when cameras started to roll without them.

But really, no one should've been surprised that the Olsen twins weren't into the idea.

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If true, it would mark Mary-Kate's first marriage and Olivier's second.

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