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Её родители в разводе и в данный момент она проживает с отцом (уроженец Гонконга), двумя братьями и сестрой.

Её отец имеет собственный ресторан в Глазго, а также занимается оптовой торговлей по продаже китайской еды, владеет универмагом и гостиницей.

В данный момент обучается в «Университете Искусств» в Лондоне.

[on hate sites regarding her and her role in Harry Potter] "This kind of stuff is inevitable because Dan has so many female fans - millions of them - so I'm nor surprised some of them don't like me.

Fast car: Working on what appeared to be a high speed chase scene, Katie took the driving seat during the production and looked ready for action whilst Jackie settled himself in for a long day of work Starring as Quan in the film, Jackie plays the role of a Chinatown restaurant owner who is forced to track down a group of Irish terrorists responsible for the death of his daughter after the police fail to.

One Child was scheduled to begin production in May 2014 in London and Hong Kong and air in late 2014.

Leung delayed plans to go to art college and university to film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

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