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Герой назвался иным именем, а вернее Полом Сомсом, и втерся в доверие сразу к нескольким влиятельным людям.Оказывая им поддержку в определенные моменты Пол находил во всем собственную выгоду.Shanghai is directed by Mikael Håfström, the Swede behind Derailed and another Cusack movie, 1408.It also stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (yes, The Comedian from Watchmen), Chow Yun-Fat, Gong Li (Memoirs of a Geisha) and David Morse (the killer in Disturbia, bad cop in 16 Blocks). The plot was pretty hard to follow, especially going into it without any prep whatsoever.Morgan gets involved with the mistress of Japan’s army commander and gets wind of attack plans on Pearl Harbor.He passes this on to Cusack who tries to gather enough evidence to prove it to his superiors.With Jan De Bont’s kinetic thriller Stopping Power now officially stopped and lacking power, John Cusack has a window in his schedule – and right now, period thriller Shanghai is set to be the project that climbs through that window.

I was a little taken aback at first because I didn’t think a journalist could be so bad ass, but when it’s revealed it’s just a front it makes a bit more sense.

Кьюсак уже работал с Микаэлем Хафстремом, будущим режиссером «Шанхая», над лентой «1408» /1408/ (2007).

Актеру, если он подпишет договор, на сей раз достанется роль американца, возвращающегося в коррумпированный и оккупированный японцами Шанхай за четыре месяца до Перл-Харбора. Выясняя обстоятельства его смерти, он влюбляется, а заодно узнает некоторые секреты, которые американское правительство предпочло бы не раскрывать.

It was a really clean (no foul language, no boobies, only minor drug usage kids) action drama.

I wasn’t quite convinced by Cusack as a lethal weapon – I know he did Grosse Pointe Blank but he usually plays writers in his films, or some heartbroken guy who can’t find love.

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