Is mark foster dating colin jackson

She's married to my older sister so I think she at least has some insight." Well she needs a little more. Colin Jackson did a BIZARRE interview where he strenuously denied being gay.

This was around the time of him doing Dancing on Ice or whatever.

He said his ideal woman was Hollywood actress Halle Berry,but confirmed he is happily singleand will remain so for the foreseeablefuture.

Asked by the Voice newspaperhow he feels about people thinkinghe is gay, he said: “I don't mindhaving people say what they likein that circumstance. "It's only people who don't knowyou who say things like that — notpeople who do know you. There might have been astigma in years gone by.”Explaining why he hasn't beenseen with any women recently hesaid: “Because I don't particularlywant to be with any woman.

Swimmer Mark Foster talks at the Mark Foster Testimonial Dinner at the Royal Lancaster Hotel April 12, 2007 in London, England.

The dinner is held in aid of Access Support and The Anaphylaxis Campaign.

If 3 of them are gay I lose the bet & have to go out and get dinner? Jackson and Foster was the worst kept secret on the athletics circuit although I'm not sure they are still together.

Ian Thorpe lived with a young South American fella for a while and whilst he claims not to be gay is as camp as a row of tents. Anyway I don't know if I'm just down on the swimming, but I'm not really rating Balding's & Foster's punditry (that is the important bit), far to jingoistic.

I reckon you lost the bet 100% Balding for me has been the most consistent, most informed, most amusing of all the television commentary team and her twitter timeline has also been great entertainment.

I know R19 asked 4 years ago, but yes Sue Barker is married to a policeman and has been for about 25 years. Here's an old newspaper article about her wedding which mentions Sue also used to date the golfer Greg Norman long before he married Chris Evert.

Wonder if Sue and Chris ever discuss that at Wimbledon! Cliff's fans always drag up Sue's name to prove his heterosexuality, even though it was over 30 years ago.

Also, I know it's not really any of our business, but it would be very good for young guys, espcially doing sports if they came out. Seems to be easy for female athletes, but oh so difficult for men. Oh, I thought there was something going on with Mark and Ian Thorpe after some odd conversation with Claire Balding the other day.

She asked Ian a question about swimming and he said he'd like to be swimming under mark, Claire thought he said under mud and Mark said it was a swimming move, I thought it was a sexual suggestion.

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