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Numbers 16:1 traces this lineage back further to Levi, son of the patriarch Israel. Moses, having been informed of these proceedings, went to the house of Korah to effect a reconciliation, but the latter and his 250 followers rose up against him (Num. According to Numbers , his lineage goes: "Korah, the son of Izhar, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi," making him the great-grandson of the patriarch Levi and the cousin of Moses and Aaron. On the other hand, Korah is represented as a wise man, chief of his family and as one of the Kohathites who carried the Ark of the Covenant on their shoulders (Tan., ed. A few examples will perhaps serve to strengthen as well as to elucidate still further this position.Far be it from us to presume to point it out, or elucidate or expound it in any degree.The coroner did not elucidate a great deal when he commenced his inquiry.But that is not the question; the problem I have to elucidate!

God then smote 14,700 men with plague, as punishment for objecting to Korah's destruction. Korah's brothers through Izhar were Nepheg and Zichri. Korah plied Moses with the following questions: "Does a ṭallit made entirely of blue wool need fringes? "Does a house filled with the books of the Law need a mezuzah? Exodus connects this Korah with Hebron, Uzziel and Amram, who were his father's brothers (Izhar son of Kohath). The two sons of Amram, Kohath's eldest son, took for themselves the kingdom and the priesthood. " To Moses' affirmative answer Korah objected: "The blue color of the ṭallit does not make it ritually correct, yet according to thy statement four blue threads do so" (Num. " Moses replied that it did; whereupon Korah said: "The presence of the whole Torah, which contains 175 chapters, does not make a house fit for habitation, yet thou sayest that one chapter thereof does so. In verse 24 it clearly says that Zibeon's two sons were Ajah and Anah. But the first-born of these she was obliged to give to Aaron the priest; and at the time of shearing he required the first of the fleece also (Deut. It will be better for me to slaughter the sheep and eat them.' But Aaron came for the shoulder, the two cheeks, and the maw (ib. The widow then vehemently cried out: 'If thou persistest in thy demand, I declare them devoted to the Lord.' Aaron replied: 'In that case the whole belongs to me' (Num. 14), whereupon he took away the meat, leaving the widow and her two daughters wholly unprovided for" (Num. But he was mistaken; for, while his sons escaped, he perished (Num. Since the original text does not have a literal word for "grand daughter" the word "bath" was used in both cases.

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